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The snow is glittering this morning. I used to like the snow, and then I ended up having to drive in it all the time.

Glitter is the daily prompt. You put glitter on pants, on shirts, on dresses, on birthday hats. If you put beads in your knitting (an art I haven’t mastered yet), you can put glitter just about everywhere.

I am not a big fan of glitter, to be honest. I always thought that too much made you look like a 10 year old girl. On the other hand, what’s the matter with looking like a 10 year old girl? Look the way you want to look. Personally I usually don’t care. If it’s not jeans, then it’s scrubs. Neither is designed to make you look attractive, but it keeps me thinking about what is really important…do I have enough coffee? 🙂

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