Daily Prompt


I don’t know that anything interesting can be said about the word bludgeon. So here we go again (always when you don’t know what you’re going to do with a word, figure out the history). Again, it isn’t terribly illuminating but it does tell you one thing.  Apparently we need a lot of words to describe the various ways we commit violence on others. Comparatively speaking it’s an old word too. Bludgeon goes back to 1730.

Violence. Do I really want to deal with such a topic right now? The cat threw up all over the laundry (cat is fine), and I have to work a 12 hour shift tonight and…..

I am not a pacifist by nature.  With sufficient provocation, I imagine that I could be pushed to places where I would not recognize myself. I think anybody could. It’s the “Monster under Your Hat” syndrome that Chesterton used to talk about. The Brothers Karamazov is about that too at least to a degree.  I work at trying to be peaceful. I meditate. I write in my (very extensive) journal. I play the piano. I knit. When all else fails I run.

When you work psych, it gets you a different perspective on anger, on pain, and on suffering. People get angry for no reason in psych. But if there was a reason, would the reason really matter? Yes, I think so, but usually the problems that make us angry are mostly issues of ….well, take your pick.Stress, pride,  hurt feelings, little stuff. Usually somebody doesn’t have a gun on your kid or you. Of course, at that point you do what needs to be done.

Am I nonviolent? Regrettably no. I have a long way to go before I can call the “Monster under my Hat” well regulated. But perhaps little by little, the horrible thing that is pride can became something like the Cat in the Hat. Perhaps he is a little silly. He looks at the world decidedly differently than everybody else. He is always breaking the rules. On the other hand, he always cleans up all his messes before he leaves.

Bludgeon. There.

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