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Copycat…Hmm. Well, the first question is why cats? Why can’t you have a copydog, or a copylizard, or a copywalrus? I don’t know. Why cats exactly? Even the dictionary connected with this sort of things doesn’t really say.

So after that etymological challenge, the next question I have is a very simple one. Is it a bad thing to copy? Certainly not in some circumstances. When you drive, you copy the other drivers when you want to go in the same direction they do. You copy others when you get in line at the ATM. When you are trying to decide what prns to give in psych it helps to know what others have done. When you change dressings, doing it the same way is advisable. If you don’t, the efficacy of the dressing will be in question.

On the other hand, we’re often told to be original, to be different, to stand out from the crowd.

As it is with many things, probably doing things differently is good in some ways, and doing things similarly is good in some ways.

Wisdom lies (as it often does) in the middle.


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