Daily Prompt


It’s all Hallow’s Eve. Of course the prompt is eerie . I’m mildly surprised it isn’t haunted or ghost or zombie or something. And of course Eerie can be anything. Music for example is a brilliant example of eeriness. Shubert’s unfinished symphony #8  for example, is classic Halloween music. The creepy basement where I work is another place which many consider very eerie.

I don’t consider much very eerie. Maybe the way that my black cat can anticipate my every stroke on a keyboard, and knows exactly how to mess a post up. Maybe how often I get that weird feeling “I’ve been here before..” or “I know I dreamed this…” It is the inexplicable in life.  It’s fine. I don’t expect to understand everything. I don’t do ouji boards or channel or anything remotely like that. Perhaps I am a very boring person.

I do know that I have power, most of which I don’t tap. I don’t mean the kind of “let’s light candles without matches” kind of power. I mean the power to change my world into something I am more comfortable in, the power to fulfill the destiny that God has given me the opportunity to try for. And if I have that power, it is because God has given it to me.

I suppose that that could be called eerie. Having power, having a will. All of us have that.

My cat, Mocha has let me get through this entire post without actually walking on the keyboard more than once. Clearly she approves.


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