Daily Prompt: Giant

Well, there is a disease known as giantism . Essentially the patient goes very quickly both in terms of height as well as girth. Usually there is some sort of disorder to the pituitary gland. From what I’ve heard, though pituitary surgery is absolutely no one’s idea of a good time, the treatment is usually successful. The side effects are that the the rest of the hormones which the pituitary gland dealt with are gone. So adrenal insufficiency,  diabetes insipitis (extreme thirst and excessive urination), hypogonadism,and hypothyroidism.

 The other thing that the word giant brings to mind is stories of giants running around doing things. Not all of them were nice, I thought that the ones in Narnia were.

I mean, if you think about a giant, they’d be very useful to have around. Eliminate the need to all sorts of cranes and bulldozers and things like that. Unless your giant went crazy and then many horrible things would happen. On the other hand, being the giant wouldn’t be much fun. Probably rather lonely. You’re always going to be different, and all your friends couldn’t share your point of view. Hopefully more giants would be around.

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