Stuff to talk about, nursing topics, knitting and cats

A lot of stuff actually. First of all, I have gone per diem, which probably prompt a redesign of the site. Also, there is a lot of things going on in the news….Zika (which as been there a while), marijuana, types of euthanasia.

I’m in a BSN program, and shortly have to come up with my nursing philosophy, which I will probably post here.Nursing informatics has preoccupied me lately, along with types of nursing theories.

Dr. Strange is coming out Nov. 4. I cannot wait.

And I’m knitting something braindead. Well, planning to. Hitchhiker scarf by Strichmich (I think). Ravelry is down (which means the apocalypse may be imminent.) Will post once the site comes back up.

My cat Puzzle and her kitten Mittens asleep in a laundry basket. Together. Very cute and something I didn’t see coming due to the fact that Puzzle tends to tolerate Mittens somewhat reluctantly.






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