Picked up a shift

My family wasn’t happy with me, but I was hoping to relieve some of the staffing issues (at least for one day). And since I usually work 11 to 7 it wasn’t that much of a sacrifice for me.

Somebody asked today an interesting question, “Why can’t we all work together?  Why can’t we all take ownership of our floor?” 

A couple of weeks ago I had to stay until another nurse arrived to work day shift. It was hard. I was absolutely exhausted and couldn’t really wrap my head around “No, you can’t go home yet.” But I tried to hold on until someone else made a sacrifice and came in.

How do you convince someone to take ownership?  How do you say to someone, “This is our floor, and we should take pride in it? ” 

Somebody might say that is a management question. It is. But all nurses are to some degree managers. So I still think it is worth talking about. 

You have to have certain standards for yourself and then you have to be able to take pride in what you do. Here is the hard part. You have to be able to not get defensive when someone points out a problem and then you have to come up with a plan to solve it.

So how to communicate this attitude to others?

I am still working on that. I will let you know.

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