Getting kind of tired of this….

Nurses get told from the first day of nursing school that we are supposed to advocate for the patient. We do. We point out to the doctors that that med had nasty side effects when they tried it last time, we explain to pharmacy that the dosage that they sent up may will kill that patient (actually happened in clinicals once – that’s when I decided that yeah, I wanted to be a nurse), we figure out ways that the patient can live with the medications and the side effects thereof.

We are the watchdogs, the sentinels, the people that say, “Um, no. If you want that given to the patient, go do it yourself.”

So here we go again. Somebody getting fired, because (gasp!) she’s doing her job.

“The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario says the chief executive of London’s largest hospital sacked its chief nurse because she was the public face of a report critical of hospitals. Here’s a summary of the report:

“In an effort to cut costs, health organizations across the province are replacing registered nurses with less qualified care providers . . . the RN share of the nursing work force has dropped significantly in recent years. This has left Ontario’s health system unprepared to meet rising levels of acuity in hospitals and in the community, and put the safety of Ontarians at risk.”

The whole thing is here.

 Really, people? First, do no harm!


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