I have to remember

I have to remember that the residents I serve are somebody’s family.

It’s way too easy to forget that. It is way too easy to only remember the difficulties and the issues and the clinical problems that surround them. It is way too easy to work on a sort of auto-pilot, where you know what to do if this comes up and what to do if that happens. Yes, that knowledge is valuable.

However, they are people. People who like chocolate ice cream, who like jokes. These are people who are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to baseball, or song lyrics. Some of them play instruments, and some of them like gardening.

Nursing is hard, because you enter a world where not only are you trying to treat somebody’s strange blood sugars or high blood pressure, but you’re also trying to remember that they are people. Doing both of this at the same time is difficult.

Your co-workers have things going on in their lives that affect what they do on the job, and how they work with you. Everyone has to work together with their radically different belief systems and their massively different life situations. It’s a mess.

Somehow is this where I am called to be. And I pray that I do the best I can and not succumb to laziness or complacency. I pray that whatever team I am a part of remember that we are deal with people, not large ungainly sacks of potatoes.




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