Trying to keep it all together

Sometimes working the floor feels like juggling a complicated routine, and you can’t do it by yourself. Sometimes other people have to help. That is a hard problem, because this means that you have to in the space of essentially 5 minutes build a team, whether or not you’ve ever seen those people before.

How do you do this? I can’t offer definitive solutions here. I can offer thoughts which sometimes work. Sometimes they don’t.

A team is the same everywhere. A team means that a lot of people are focused on a single goal. Whatever the goal is, you have a lot of different kinds of people with usually very different opinions. How do you meld all those viewpoints into a common goal?

By finding the point on which everybody agrees. At least that is how I have been doing it.

So books I have read that seem to apply to this situation. First, the One Minute Manager. One reason I like this book is that on the floor, you don’t have a lot of time to talk to the other person. Everybody has to move. So direction in minutes seems like a good idea. I use the ideas in the book a fair amount. Granted, most of the people I work with are very good at their jobs, and usually my job is resource person. And of course getting done the reams of paperwork and passing a lot of meds.

Another book I like is The Speed of Trust. I trust the people I work with. I have to, or I would be on their heels, watching every move they make. I don’t. I trust them, because I know they know how to do their job.  And I know that in the end analysis, I know that we have the same goal.

We are trying to provide care. That is the bottom line.





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