Being Healthy

What is being healthy anyway? Is it about numbers? How much do you weigh? What’s your blood pressure? What do your cholesterol numbers look like? It’s got to be more than that.

Modern Healthcare, a magazine which targets hospital executives ran an interesting article. The head of Broward Healthcare, who underwent a quadruple bypass surgery, committed suicide rather quickly afterward. The author points out that this could be due to a condition known as “pump head”, which has been known to affect cognition. However, depression is a known side effect of these sorts of procedures. Because cardiologists aren’t trained to look at mental health status, usually this sort of condition goes untreated.

The patient was certainly healthier than before he underwent the procedure. After the procedure, he committed suicide. It is difficult to say why he did. Was it untreated extreme depression? Was “pump head” a contributing factor? Was it a combination? Whatever the reason, the resulting suicide points to a mental health condition that desperately needed to be addressed.   So healthy in body doesn’t equal healthy in mind.

When somebody asks me, “How can I be healthier?”, my answer is somewhat unorthodox. If you like dogs, go get a puppy. If you like being outside, go plant a garden. If you don’t like any of these, walk 30 min a day most of the days of the week. Cardiovascular fitness is important, and all that kind of thing. However, I say these things simply because they tend to make people happier.

Being happy means you have a better shot at being healthy.


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