The News today

Something interesting in the news (New York times) about how quickly medical information should be released. A large study on a trial medication regarding the regulation of high blood pressure has been stopped recently because the treatment works very well, and getting it manufactured to where it can save some lives is important. However, we don’t know the details of the project, and therefore the scientific community can’t properly evaluate the research.

An article on the regulation of treatments involving stem cells appeared in the perspective section of the New England Journal of Medicine this week. Certainly the public is led to believe that stem cell therapy will cure everything. This article looks at regulation of stem cell therapy, and what we can except from it thus far.

The CDC is finally doing something concrete about the overuse of antibiotics. They’ve issued a document on the overuse of antibiotics in nursing homes, and what can be done about it. It also sounds like at some point, “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently proposed a rule that would require long-term care facilities to incorporate an antibiotic stewardship program, including antibiotic use protocols and antibiotic monitoring, into their infection prevention and control program. According to CMS, these requirements will decrease unnecessary or inappropriate antibiotic use by ensuring that residents who need antibiotics are prescribed the right drug at the right dose for the right duration.” It’s nice to see that something finally might be done about this problem.

So Miss Colorado is an RN. This is interesting. What is weird is that people got rather critical of her _not_ showing off her talent (dancing or whatever) and got annoyed when she starting talking about her job.Why exactly people chose to ridicule her about not singing or twirling batons or something is beyond me. You’d think that somebody doing important work would be a good thing.

This world is very confusing.

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