Assisted suicide

This is very interesting. California looks like it is going to legalize assisted suicide. First, let’s get the wording straight. This is physician assisted suicide, it is pretty clear, and as far as I can understand from the article, it is passive. In other word, the doctor hands over a drug, with instructions on how to kill yourself, and goes off to have another round of golf.

I’m being flippant, and I shouldn’t be.

When I was taking a bioethics class, we had to write papers about this. To get an A, one had to write a pro-PAS (for physician assisted suicide) and a con-PAS (against PAS). Should you care to read the papers, here they are:

http://1drv.ms/1KL4O6o  –  I support PAS

http://1drv.ms/1MjLWf7 –   I oppose PAS

Here is an even more interesting debate – Helping a Suicide when the End Isn’t Near.  http://nyti.ms/1UDP6Pc

I am against PAS, but not because I think everyone should adopt my beliefs. I am against PAS, because I don’t want to take responsibility for that. As a nurse, I can help someone manage a disease. Should I become a Nurse Practitioner someday,  I would consider it a betrayal of my profession to kill someone, directly or indirectly.

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