Things that inspire me


I get most of my vegetables from this farm, and going to get them never fails to be the highlight of my week. I suppose it is so diametrically opposite to what I usually see. I usually see problems, difficulty, stress, people pushing against the boundaries of limited resources, from just about every angle you can think of. Money, time, staffing, trust, help. But when I see a farm, I see hope. I see abundance. I see peace. And when people come for their vegetables every week I see that someone will have decent food on their table tonight. I don’t think it is possible to cook something terrible when you use good farm vegetables.


Of course it’s missing the coffee, but a picture like this makes of me think of discussions. Discussions that maybe make a difference in peoples’ lives. Perhaps people are talking about politics or economics. Whatever  the subject, honest discussion still gives me hope for the world.

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