Psych nursing

I have been gone a little while, dealing with my somewhat insane life. Further insanity will follow shortly, because school is starting soon. I used to homeschool, and I would still, if I could. Unfortunately our family circumstances changed,  and it is no longer a viable option. I envy anyone who gets to homeschool.

I have been on the fence, as it were, for a long time about the subject of psych nursing. After all, what is psych nursing?  It is more than handing someone a Prozac. The rules change when you are dealing with people whose brains are sick.  Someone may say that they are in pain. Do we do something about it? Of course we do. The question is what to do. Perhaps oxycodone is indicated. But to form a care plan, it is necessary to ask. An infant can’t tell you how much it hurts. However, there are ways of assessing an infant that can differenciate between pain and hunger. (I want to point out right here that I do not disregard  baby’s cry. If a  baby is crying, it means something.  Find out what it is.)

Back to pain. Another adult says that they are in pain. A nurse will ask how much, where, type, and when did it start? Unless the nurse in question knows the resident. Some residents will never tell you that they are in pain, unless you ask. It is how they act that is important. Some people want something to drink, and some attention. Psych nursing is not only knowing wound care, and meds, and kidney function etc, but also knowing what sort of changes dementia or schizophrenia will produce.

It is more than knowledge,  though.  Because that resident who is driving you crazy could be someone’s beloved grandma.

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