Doing homework – Day 1 – Intro

I’ve enrolled myself in Blogging 101, because I really think that it’s time this blog becomes a priority. And if I figure out to write effective blog posts here I can write decent posts in other places.

So hi. My name is Lucinda. I am an RN on the floor at a long term psych facility. One of the questions that people at Blogging U ask is why a blog and not a journal. I’ve got a journal too, but that is locked down tight. That is for me to read, and only me. This is a medium by which I hope to support and be supported by other nurses. Nursing is a great profession, but it can also be a very difficult one. Also it can be a lonely one, at least for those of us who work nights. So I suppose a major part of my target audience is night nurse. I am interesting in publishing topics related to all types, and all sorts of nursing (and that is a huge field), but right now, mental health, and night nursing is a special focus of mine.

So I graduated from nursing school about a year ago (how did that happen?) Nursing is a second career for me (or I suppose you could even call it a third). I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2000 in Biochemistry, and then stayed at home for around 10 years homeschooling my kids. After that I went to nursing school. So far it is has be a crazy ride

Nursing has some people who speak for it, notably Suzanne Gordon, who I admire a great deal. But this blog is another attempt to in her words, move from silence to voice.  Nurses know a lot that isn’t written down in the books. So if I manage to blog effectively for a year, I will be really happy if I manage to connect with both some nurses and some others who are curious about the inner workings of the floor in long-term care. I’m not mincing words here. I will tell it like it is.

So welcome to nursing and knitting! I’m glad you stopped by.

3 thoughts on “Doing homework – Day 1 – Intro

  1. My sister is an oncology RN, working nights. I worked as a nonprofit executive director for year, managing homeless shelters. I so respect you as a psych RN, and look forward to reading your blog!


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