What the administration wants to hear…..and what we actually mean

Let’s be honest. More than once, I think, everybody has either emphasized or de-emphasized something when talking to managers. I have been on my own on the night shift for the last two nights. Last shift, things were very difficult. Lots of difficult cases, complicated by mental issues. I leaned on my supervisor a lot. I had to ask….I didn’t want to, but I had to ask for help. My manager caught up with me that morning when I was writing notes. She is really very nice. She asked me if there was anything that she could do support me.  Telling her that I was freaking out was not going to be productive. So I asked for more CNAs. God knows that we need them, and everybody knows it. So that was a safe comment to say.

Saying I was thoroughly confused due to the fact that I had been oriented by pool staff, wasn’t going to be valuable comment. She couldn’t change it, and I’ve been on orientation on days for three weeks. It was the best that they could do. I wasn’t going to whine either.

If we could be completely honest, what kind of healthcare could we create? If we could be fearless, and get our egos out of the way, what would our medical facilities look like? Could we actually heal somebody?

There’s an idea.

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