Shaolin, Snow, and Hope

I had my Kung fu lesson today. Picky Picky. Every twist of my body, every erroneous position of my hands, shoulders, hips, feet were gently but firmly corrected. Form above all. Then power. Then speed. And then Sensei remarked that black belt means simply proficient in the basics of kung fu. 

I was upset. I have perfectionist tendencies, I admit. But I was interesting mostly in self-defense. I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to progress to Black Belt. Now, I will merely be considered proficient if I reach that exalted height? So I have decided that as long as I have the money, I will attain my black belt as quickly as I can.

Podcast here. This time its on hope. Hope that we should be kindling for our lives from the love of Christ. I haven’t had a lot of hope, in anything. Nursing school tends to squash hope fairly thoroughly. You learn that everything turns out badly, and to never count on anything. I am trying to figure out how to hope, and where to hope again. Perhaps in Christ, and through Christ, everything else.

A couple of interesting websites:

A comparison of hospitals nationwide, from Medicare resources. 

Data on Massachusetts hospitals.

If I were still at Wellesley, all those years ago, I would have tried to arrange a debate between the MNA and the MHA. Let’s talk about what is really the problem. However, MWCC is a state community college with few resources, and clinical sites to get. The faculty can’t afford to make the hospitals annoyed. So therefore I will keep my mouth shut. It makes me frustrated, because many of these measures are direct results of the effects of nurses, and if you have too many patients, nursing care has to suffer. So what can you do? I’m collecting tips on my for my personal nursing practice all the time. Hourly rounding, bedside hand-off, asking “What else can I do for you?”, trying to find the balance between efficiency and taking time with the patients. You’d think this would be vital for everybody. I have learned, to my sorrow, that most people aren’t interested. Crazy, but there it is.

You’d got to have good form, before you have power, and before you have speed.

Knitty for the winter came out yesterday. So there are lot of things to consider. Contempt looks funny, but it may be rather difficult. 

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