Another day at clinical, another prayer

I can’t really apologize for this blog having a decidedly Judeo-Christian turn to it. That is the mold in which my mind has been formed and the reference frame in which I see the world.

However, in this circumstance, I think most religions consider that our bodies are rather weak. We are prone to hunger, fatigue (of any description) and most especially to sickness, death, decay and eventually decomposition.

And of course, in clinical today, I met someone who reminded me just how pitiful our bodies are. Hospitals, are by definition, congregations of the sick. Therefore, hospitals are always places where you can see people whose bodies have broken down on them. We are weak. Weak in our bodies, in our hearts, and in our minds and in our will.

Nurses see it all, and we see it because we have to tend to it. The wound we have to pack with gauze, the pain in the back, the UTIs, the list goes on and on.

And of course, Fr. Z, right on top of the issue. The best we can do is to love one another, yes, with our professional boundaries firmly in place. His problem is not mine. However, if I can help him, in the least little bit, I will have done something worthwhile today.

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