The NCLEX and knitting

I am on the verge of deciding that I am stressing way too much about these courses. Not that I’m doing well. I’m not really. With luck I may pass. Nevertheless, the stigma of having these grades will haunt me for a while. Now, the faculty justifies these horrible tests by saying that they are NCLEX style questions. We need to be prepared, they say. Except if we were all that well prepared, nobody would have to take a review course at the end, would they? I’ve got two scheduled, and most people have at least one. One comes with the tuition. So what is the justification for these tests ? To destroy our sanity? Our GPAs? Our respect for ourselves?

I don’t intend to let them do that. They can have my GPA, but they can’t have me. So I hereby am putting everybody on notice – that I am not going to worry anymore. What happens happens.  I intend to study as hard as  I can, but I refuse to worry about it. Enough is enough.

So with this in mind, look what I found! One very cool sweater.


Very exciting. I have to knit something else first though. I’ve got a thing for her patterns. Just about all of them I love, and this one is no exception. Thea is a genius.


And of course, the always admirable Amy Herzog. Morning Coffee. Mine!

So I’m going to be knitting pretty much all of break. Which is just fine with me!

Lots and lots of fun. What else? I’m determined to keep Advent as the season of waiting for Christ and not the season for finals.  And to that end, I am listening to Fr. Z’s very nice podcasts. You can listen to today’s here. As usual, its wonderful and thought provoking. I really like his stuff.

So here’s to doing my best, no matter what the consequences may be, and being the best Catholic/wife/mother/student nurse/daughter I can be. With some knitting thrown in. 🙂

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