Kung Fu, Substance Abuse and Black Ice

I had a my kung fu lesson today. Actually I had a lesson on psychcology today, though it was at the dogo. My kids and I take lesson from Steve Demasco Shaolin Studio in Keene. Sensei Vinny Sodders and Sensei Sara Commerford usually are teaching, though Sensei Sean does too.


My lesson was with Sensei Vinny. I was supposed to be practicing techniques. What I ended up doing was finding out how well you can redirect somebody who tries to grab you. How does this tie into substance abuse? Because substance abuse is a deadly fatal disease, and it wants you dead. And the difference between somebody who has been clean and sober and the junkie on the street is how many 24 hour periods they’ve strung together. That’s all. Credit goes to Norman, the counselor, for these good ideas.

And how does this tie into black ice?

So I was trying to get home, and it started snowing. There hadn’t been much about this in the forecast, and I was a little annoyed about it. Then the temperature plunged, but the roads were still warm. So the snow melted, and then turn to ice. I was VERY annoyed. I hate black ice, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. So I’m giving pep talks to myself on the way home. “Just keep going. The speed doesn’t matter. As long as we keep going in the right direction, we’ll be fine.” My own cheer-leading section. I’m just that brilliant a conversationalist.

The speed doesn’t matter. What matters is the direction.

Its true. Recovery from substance abuse involves going in the right direction, one small step at a time. Kung Fu is about putting technique on top of  technique, learning to read your opponent, working on form, speed and power. Making your opponent harmless is about changing their direction. Their force needs to not be not directed at you. It’s about direction. Not about how fast you go through the techniques or how fast you progress through recovery. It took black ice to teach me that one. It’s not the speed, its the direction.

I still hate black ice.

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