Fingerless Mitts and Farm Day

I am thinking seriously of making some fingerless mitts for myself. Its cold when I get out of class (and as its November, things won’t be warming up for a while), but I still have to operate my phone on the way home, to reassure the husband that I am indeed coming home). So I am thinking seriously about casting on these. The description says that they are easy, and DPNs are not my best friend. However I’m willing to try. I think I probably have some Aran weight yarn around here somewhere.


And its farm day! Yay! Lots of yummy veggies and yes, I’ll get the kids chocolate milk, probably. Don’t tell them. Piccadilly farm is a wonderful farm CSA. They’ve been in existence probably about 5 years or so. Here is a picture of the farmers with their two kids.


And here is a picture of the land.


It’s wonderful. And I love their food. If you like organic, reasonably priced food, and believe in giving your money to the people that actually produce it, be sure to sign up for the 2014 season.


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