Crazy busy, but trying to procrastinate

Yes, I have a test tomorrow that looks evil, a care plan due Wednesday or Thursday (nobody is certain) and a book report presentation that looks like it going to be difficult. That won’t keep me from wasting time.

Nursing is a difficult discipline. We’ve got to know where the doctor is going to go before he/she goes there, but our focus is patient care. Not care in the sense of how to best manage whatever it is we think that they may have, but to promote wellness and health.  This can be a problem when pharmaceuticals aren’t really built to promoting wellness and health. If you’ve got a problem, we may be able to fix it, but it won’t be an easy ride. And long term therapies, like coumadin therapy, wreck your skin. Nurses care about skin, about toes, about teeth.

So its hard for me to hand somebody coumadin, knowing that it may solve the short-term problem; but it isn’t really fixing somebody’s heart arrhythmia or stroke risk.

This is also hard in terms of being a mother. I was distracted, and something nearly happened that was horrible. It came out all right in the end, and everybody is fine. But I was thinking about something that is due, and I lost my concentration on the here and now. Inexcusable. Yes, I didn’t mean to, so not mortal here. However, back I go to  confession. Now I really have to work.

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