Why anybody should care about this new blog…

There are a lot of blogs online. So why should you care about another one?

This blog is going to be dedicated to (but not limited to)


2)homeschooling, and the attendant problems/triumphs resulting from it (This includes things like BEAM robotics, ham radio and chess as well as the ongoing struggle to make the house clean, and the children recognize the utility of grammar.)

3)Crunchy Catholicness – I’m an Oblate of St. Benedict, so discussions about that will come up from time to time.

4)good food. I like food. I like really good food. No, I’m not talking filet mignon. I’m talking about really fresh ultra organic ingredients. I’m talking about raw milk. Things of this nature.

So if you care about any of those things, you may be interested in this blog.  I’m using this blog to try to help myself untangle my life, and since untangling my life has a great deal to do with knitting, I’ll be posting a lot of knitting patterns and sites.

There may also be discussions on the relative merits of distributionism and libertarianism. I’m trying to decide what I think about that, and will post things for my readers’ consideration.

I hope you find something worth reading on this blog.


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